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Steel is real !!! as we believe, Steel road bikes offer several advantages that make them appealing to many cyclists:

  1. Durability: Steel is exceptionally durable and strong, capable of withstanding significant stress and strain.
  2. Ride Quality: Steel naturally absorbs vibrations, providing a smoother ride over rough surfaces. This characteristic is often referred to as the frame having a “springy” quality, which enhances comfort during long rides.
  3. Longevity: With proper maintenance, a steel frame can last many decades. The material does not suffer from fatigue and stress like aluminum might, and it does not require the delicate handling that carbon fiber does.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: While high-end steel can be expensive, steel bikes generally offer a good balance of cost and performance, especially at the mid-range price level.
  5. Aesthetics: Steel frames can be crafted with elegant, thin tubing that many cyclists find aesthetically pleasing.

Steel road bikes are prized for their classic feel and robustness, making them a favored choice for touring and everyday commuting.

Our WEAPON Road Bicycle Serial Framesets provide you with all the options of specific preferences, riding environments, and budgets as below.

  • CR01 – Our entry-level road bike model, rim brake / external cabling/ ultralight / neat vintage look, you will love her more when you see her more.
  • CR03 – Our flagship road bike model, rim brake / internal cabling/ultralight but stronger frameset construction, designed for steel frame enthusiasts, offers superior pedaling efficiency, making it the top choice for steel frames whether climbing or racing.
  • CR05 – Our classical disc brake road bike model, Disc brake / internal cabling / ultralight , is designed for enthusiasts of disc brake steel frames which features superior pedaling transmission performance and enhanced braking capabilities. Ideal for climbing or racing.
  • All-in-one groupset Gearset from SHIMANO, Latwoo / Sensah, Alloy / Carbon cockpit set, or wheelset, you have all the options to customize your best steel road bike in your mind.
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