Disc Brake

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Since their rise to popularity in the early 2010s, disc brakes on road bikes have been making waves.

This is where disc brakes have excelled and gained popularity. By nature, disc brakes take braking force and heat away from the rim, redistributing it to a less problematic location i.e. the rotor.

With everything from pads with specific cooling fins, to disc rotors featuring large cut-outs to increase the surface area, disc brakes can incorporate more designs specifically aimed at heat reduction, aiding performance and reducing the risk of cooking the rotors.

Disc brakes features:

  • Better stopping power
  • No rim heating issues
  • Longer component lifespan
  • Better wet weather performance
  • More new disc-only groupsets
  • More new disc-only framesets

When it comes to out-and-out performance, the power of disc brakes cannot be denied, especially for wet weather, long descents and those emergency stops.

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