Rim brake

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Rim brake road groupset still play an important role in today’s cycling world.

Fast forward to the present day, and disc brakes are everywhere. Road bike groupsets, such as Shimano, and Sram, more brands are now arriving in disc-only format and are increasingly coming out with disc-only framesets.

Technological advances are driving these changes, but many still pine for the days when rim brake was king. Whether it’s down to the simplicity of setting them up, the cheaper running costs, or simply a good old-fashioned tradition, many will argue that rim brakes are just as good as their disc counterparts and cannot be replaced.

Rim brake features: 

  • Cheaper starting costs
  • Easier maintenance
  • More user friendly
  • Normally lighter
  • Less rigorous frame requirements
  • Preference

if you’re a budding home mechanic, mostly a fair-weather rider, or you like to keep your day-to-day repair costs to a minimum, the trusty rim brake road groupset / All-in-one package will always have its place.

In a world of Specialized-type ‘innovate or die’ thinking, we see having the choice as a good thing. There are options for purists and pioneers alike.

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