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TSUNAMI  SEABOARD FG05 2021 is finally released, it is one of the best steel track framesets in the world.

There are five distinguishing innovations for TSUNAMI SEABOARD FG05:

1. The use of SEABOARD R625 steel tubing for the frame’s construction – Steel is the soul of the new FG05 performance. The naturally superior elasticity of Heat-treated steel allows for the frame to better absorb vibrations and other disturbances from the road’s surface, particularly in moments when the frame is subject to the greatest deformation and stress (in the three stages of cornering).

2. Redesign shape of frame tubing  – CNC shaped Ø44 mm mage size down tube which is literally the biggest steel down tube track frame in the world, Meanwhile, we shape the tube to the maximum design limit to Enhancement of chainstay tube

3. Copper fillet brazed joint detail – when it comes to manufacturing workmanship, we never compromise. As we know, there is where we stand. A better welding method was made for this frame compare to FG03.

4. Extenal tapper handset – To give extraordinary handling abilities for your racing.

5. Exclusive Customized  –   This frame comes with our highest-level custom service – Name design on the frame down tube.

Our track steel monster FG05 has all high-end track frameset’s elements: lightweight, high stiffness, and extraordinary handling abilities.

It is characterized above all by its extraordinary handling abilities in technical racing conditions.

Above all, TSUNAMI FG05 is the best steel track frameset in the world in its price range.

Notes: TSUNAMI Seaboard FG05 frame is a limited edition and completely handmade by our experienced technician.

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