Track Frameset (Alloy)

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WEAPON / TSUNAMI aluminum alloy track frameset is a type of bicycle frameset specifically designed for track cycling, typically used on a velodrome. Aluminum alloy is a popular material for track framesets due to its favorable strength-to-weight ratio, stiffness, and responsiveness.

Aluminum Alloy: Aluminum alloy is known for being lightweight and stiff, making it suitable for framesets where responsiveness and efficiency are crucial.
Aluminum frames tend to be stiffer compared to steel, providing excellent power transfer. This stiffness can be advantageous for sprinting and high-speed efforts on the track.
Aluminum is relatively lightweight, contributing to the overall weight savings of the bike. This can be beneficial for acceleration and maneuverability, essential in track cycling.
Some aluminum track framesets feature aerodynamic tube shapes to reduce air resistance, enhancing the bike’s performance on the track.
Track framesets often have specific geometry optimized for the demands of track cycling. This may include a steeper seat tube angle and shorter wheelbase for quick handling on the banked turns of a velodrome.

WEAPON / TSUNAMI aluminum alloy track frameset will have one of most favorite models for your options.

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