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Our steel mini velo bike would be a bicycle with a steel frame and smaller wheels, typically falling into the mini velo category. Here are some features commonly associated with our steel mini velo bikes:

  • Durability: All framesets constructed by our butted Chromoly steel tube as steel frames are known for their robustness, making them suitable for various riding conditions.
  • Comfort: Our steel Minivelo frame provides a comfortable ride by dampening some of the vibrations from the road.
  • Versatility: Our minivelo bikes are often versatile and can be used for commuting, recreational riding, or even light touring.
  • Compact Size: The smaller wheels of a minivelo bike contribute to a more compact and maneuverable design, making them suitable for urban environments, the wheel sizes ranging from 20 to 24 inches.
  • Customization: Many steel minivelo bikes allow for customization, allowing riders to add racks, fenders, or other accessories based on their preferences.
  • Brakeset: We have a disc brake / Rim brake version for our mini velo frameset.
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